KC Williams- Owner

KC Williams is a proud tattoo artist that created Black Sparrow Tattoo Studio to empower customers. He wasn’t happy with how other shops treated customers and wanted to create a different tattoo experience for them. KC has years of experience in tattoos and prefers to focus on custom work. He is a true artist and customers always leave satisfied.

Chaz Essig aka “Protatz”

From Phx, AZ, self-taught tattooing 15 years. Along my way, I have tattooed alongside many great artists and attended some of the best expos in the nation. Residing in South Carolina, I repeatedly guest spots around the country and stay true to my set schedule. I work extremely hard to continually exceed expectations and someday hopefully I will tattoo worldwide. I specialize in realism (color or BnG) but am versatile and fond of many styles, and am ALWAYS looking to push the boundaries! for any questions.

Gunnar Henderson

I’m a straight edge tattooer. I love tattooing traditional style, whether it be Americana or Japanese. My background in art is graffiti so I also love doing letters of all different kinds. If you are looking for a high quality, crisp tattoo, I’m your guy!

Katie Collins

My name is Katie, I was born and raised in the Lowcountry and I’ve been drawing since I could pick up a pencil. I enjoy doing black and grey realism and neotraditional style tattoos. I love getting to create and tattoo custom designs that can bring out the life in you. Art is a perfection, let your body show it proudly.

Robin Wilcox

My name is Robin and I’ve been tattooing for 16 years. The style I tattoo in is stylized realism, neo traditional, and a little bit of everything else. I enjoy doing black and grey tattoos, but enjoy color just as much. I’m always expanding my creativity to different avenues to be able to take my tattoos to another level.

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