KC Williams- Owner

KC Williams is a proud tattoo artist that created Black Sparrow Tattoo Studio to empower customers. He wasn’t happy with how other shops treated customers and wanted to create a different tattoo experience for them. KC has years of experience in tattoos and prefers to focus on custom work. He is a true artist and customers always leave satisfied.

Chaz Essig aka “Protatz”

From Phx, AZ, self-taught tattooing 15 years. Along my way, I have tattooed alongside many great artists and attended some of the best expos in the nation. Residing in South Carolina, I repeatedly guest spots around the country and stay true to my set schedule. I work extremely hard to continually exceed expectations and someday hopefully I will tattoo worldwide. I specialize in realism (color or BnG) but am versatile and fond of many styles, and am ALWAYS looking to push the boundaries! for any questions.

Gunnar Henderson

I’m a straight edge tattooer. I love tattooing traditional style, whether it be Americana or Japanese. My background in art is graffiti so I also love doing letters of all different kinds. If you are looking for a high quality, crisp tattoo, I’m your guy!

Katie Collins

My name is Katie, I was born and raised in the Lowcountry and I’ve been drawing since I could pick up a pencil. I enjoy doing black and grey realism and neotraditional style tattoos. I love getting to create and tattoo custom designs that can bring out the life in you. Art is a perfection, let your body show it proudly.

David Winge

My name is David Winge. I am a native to Charleston, South Carolina. I have been professionally tattooing for 10+ years now. I am skilled in tattooing all styles of art but I do prefer to do traditional Japanese and classic American traditional along with an illustrative personal twist.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been creative and extremely passionate about creating art in all forms. Expressing myself through cosmetic scarification, sketching, painting, crafts and even some sculpting. I first became consumed by tattooing at a very young age when my mom came home with her first freshly done tattoo from a trip to Savannah, Ga. During that time tattooing was illegal in the state of South Carolina since the 1940s. In high school I was drawing on myself incessantly and my friends as well as my classmates, started offering their lunch money for me to sharpie, semi permanent designs  on them. When I turned 18,I was living in Pensacola, Florida and after a short time, working my first job as a chef at a local restaurant, I walked in my first tattoo shop for my first tattoo on the center of my back. Now looking back, it should not have been my first choice in permanent body modification but regardless, it set my mind and passions into complete motion. I moved back to Charleston in 2004 and in 2006 tattooing became legal. The first shop opened in my town and naturally, on opening day I’m sure you can guess where I was. I was completely hooked  on watching art permanently being marked into skin. It’s all I could think about but I still wasn’t satisfied with just watching professionals. I went to the store, ran to the magazine section and grabbed every single tattoo magazine I could find. Flipping through the pages I was in awe at all the work from hundreds of amazing artists. It filled my already growing imagination and gave me the drive to start on the path of becoming a professional artist myself. In 2009, I got my shot and landed an apprenticeship a shop in Moncks corner under John black, where I was trained over the next 5 years. I immersed myself in art and the industry of professional tattooing. I then began working at several other shops, networking with so many amazing artists and forming friendships with countless people. I am still close to many to this day. Over the following years, through many personal ups and downs of expanding my knowledge and skill, I now have made a tight knit, amazing family at Black Sparrow  Tattoo Studio in Goose Creek, along side KC Williams and a handful of other talented tattooists. This studio has a great atmosphere and so much artistic drive. With all that being said, I look forward to creating custom artwork for my clients and all my new clients to come. Stop by the shop and lets do something amazing!

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